See Why Bodrum Is The Perfect Port For A Cruise

See Why Bodrum Is The Perfect Port For A Cruise

Bodrum is the perfect Port for a cruise traveller looking for a new adventure! This charming port, located on the beautiful Aegean coast of Turkey, is a true gem. With a population of around 190,000, the locals make their living through fishing, boat-building, agriculture, weaving, and tourism. If you’re looking for authentic Turkish textiles, be sure to visit the nearby village of Mumcular, which is famous for its carpets, kilims, and other weavings.

Bodrum is an amazing tourist destination and a vibrant hub for both Turkish and foreign artists!

The heart of the town is centered around the beautiful harbor, where you can find narrow streets filled with charming shops, bars, and restaurants, all under the shadow of the magnificent St. Peter Castle. Don’t miss out on the main street, Cumhuriyet Caddesi also known as Bodrum Bar Street, where you can experience the best of Bodrum’s nightlife!

Welcome to this vibrant pedestrianised street, where you can discover the best of our town’s offerings! Our skilled artisans create snugly fitting leather sandals in the traditional Aegean style, while our small boutiques offer stylish creations inspired by local designs and fabrics. And if you’re looking for mainstream Turkish fashions designed for hot summer living, look no further than Gallery Emelce! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for these shopping tips. The souvenir shops are absolutely fantastic! They sell a wide range of beautiful items, including onyx, copper, and brass ware, as well as toy camels and gold harem slippers.

The cafes and restaurants are also amazing, offering a variety of delicious options. To accompany your meal, you simply must try the light aniseed-flavoured national drink, Raki, or locally produced wine. And when the sun goes down, Bodrum really comes to life with its flashing neon and laser shows set to the pulsating throb of the latest dance music. It’s party time all over town and you won’t want to miss it!