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* Information for passengers traveling to and from Fethiye

* 35 TL or € 2 Fethiye Harbor Tax (on behalf of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality collected on departures from Fethiye)

* € 10 Rhodes Harbor Tax (collected on departures from Rhodes one-way and open-ticket passengers.)

* Same day return passengers are exempt from Rhodes Departure Tax.

* If your return date is subject to change please contact us as soon as you book online by email to If you do not advise that your return date is subject to change, your return date cannot be changed.
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Why do I need to register before I make a booking ?

* Please remember that you are about to book a passage for international travel.
* This registration is necessary for contacting the passenger regarding the booking.
* Please click on " Register " to proceed with a short registration.

How to make a booking ?

1. Entry Window
If you have registered before on please click on the top link on the right side to Login or use the link" Register " to make a new registration.
2. Registration Page
Congratulations! You are now the registered visitor of You can now begin to make your online bookings for ferries.
3. Ferry Search Page
You can check the schedules on the homepage under " Ferry Search "
4. Information Entry Page
Please choose any convenient date and time for your trip under " Route - Date - Ferry Options " on the homepage and click on " Passenger Information Entry " to continue.
Please provide all passengers' including children and infants passport or international ID details as they appear on your passport or international ID.

" Delete Selected Passenger(s) " if you need to delete any passenger please click the empty box next to the Name of the passenger(s)
" Add New Passenger " if you need to add any passenger(s) please click this box
" Save Passenger List " allows you to save the passengers whom you entered on your booking to our online booking system
" Check & Confirm Page " when you are ready to confirm your booking click here to check what you chose and entered on the system.
5. Check Your Booking Page
" Check & Confirm Page " allows you to go over your details and selection, and to make any changes or additions. You can make these changes by clicking on " Previous Page " If all is correct and you are ready to confirm please click on the " Next Page "
After doing so you will see your provisional booking. Tick the empty box next to its number and click on " Go to Payment ".
You can delete your provisional booking if you no longer require to travel. Please note that any provisional bookings are due to be cancelled without payment or if your selected ferry option is full or no longer available. You will not receive any prior notice about your provisional booking if the ferry becomes full or cancelled. However, you can always check the ferry options and availability with us.
6. My Bookings Page
Your provisional bookings are found under " Provisional Booking " on" My Bookings Page "
Tick the empty box next to its number and click on " Go to Payment " to confirm any of your provisional booking (s).
7. Payment Page
On " Online Payment " page you will see full details of your payment for your current provisional booking, as such:
* Total number of tickets
* Total amount in Euro
* The up-to-date exchange rate of Turkish Central Bank of Euro to Turkish lira
* Total amount in Turkish Lira to be paid online
Once you enter your " Credit Card Information " on the Online Payment Page, as listed below:
* The name and surname of the credit card holder
* The number of credit card
* The type of credit card
* The expiry date of credit card
* CVC number of credit card
please click on " Submit "
8. Once your payment has been processed you will be taken to the " My Bookings " page. Here your booking is placed under " Confirmed Bookings " The Confirmation of your booking and payment receipt that have been sent to your email are also provided online for your access. You can print out these two documents or save them to your mobile phone or another device you will take during your trip. Your access to the system and your bookings is unlimited and available anytime for your convenience.


* Turkish passport holders with a stamp of entry - exit to - from Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will not be allowed to enter Greece by Greek Official Authorities. For this reason despite the fact that they hold a valid Schengen visa, all Turkish passport holders including green and gray passports are advised to re-consider their travel plans if their passport has a stamp of entry or exit to or from Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

* Passports which require Schengen Visa to enter Rhodes and Kos islands (Greece) are not allowed to enter if they have KKTC ( North Cyprus Turkish Republic ) stamps inside.

* If your return date is subject to change please contact us as soon as you book online by email to If you do not advise that your return date is subject to change, your return date cannot be changed.