There is no better way to sail !!!
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Blue Guide
There is no better way to sail !
Blue Cruise Turkey
Blue Guide
There is no better way to sail !
Blue Cruise Turkey
Blue Guide
There is no better way to sail !
Blue Cruise Turkey
Blue Guide
There is no better way to sail !
Blue Cruise Turkey
Blue Guide
There is no better way to sail !
Blue Cruise Turkey
Blue Guide
There is no better way to sail !
Blue Cruise Turkey
Blue Guide
There is no better way to sail !
Blue Cruise Turkey
Blue Guide
There is no better way to sail !
Blue Cruise Turkey
Blue Guide
There is no better way to sail !
Blue Cruise Turkey
Blue Guide
There is no better way to sail !
Blue Cruise Turkey

Blue Cruise News

Blue Guide Blue Cruise News News

Welcome to the inspiring Blue - the Mediterranean sailing directory for Turkey and Greece!

The idea of introducing Blue Guide as a sailing in Turkey website was inspired by voyagers quest to experience and re-live sailing on the Mediterranean sea as well as the popularity of Blue Voyage.

Everyone who has been to Turkey or Greece has some idea of what is meant by Blue Voyage. You have either seen gulets, docked in the marinas or sailing on the sea, or had some sailing experience with classical gulets.

We believe that visitors to Turkey would like to gain some overall knowledge about available sailing holidays and wish to have an immediate access to information on Blue Voyage, sailing routes, alternatives and bookings.

Don't think that sailing vacations are reserved only for the rich and famous. Over the years of Blue Voyage introduction and experience, it is now available to a wide range of travellers! Let a cruise take you to lands you've only dreamed about.

You've seen the photos,
the beautiful turquoise waters,
the deserted white powdered beaches,
the lush isolated islands,
the mystifying history of Turkish ports of call,
and you're now asking yourself....

Isn't it time to stop dreaming and start living ?

NEW FOR 2016 !
In response to high demand for Greek islands sailings, BlueGuide has added a new itinerary from & to Rhodes island scheduled for 2016.

In 2015, BlueGuide continued to offer a handful of voyages to the region aboard 6-8 cabin gulets. Next year, between the end of April and November, our gulets will sail a total of 10 Blue cruise itineraries. The gulets will sail from Marmaris, Rhodes, Bodrum and Fethiye.

Normally we operate one Greek islands cruise a week, they are very popular, so we've added additional voyages based on our guests' requests for more sailings to the islands in Greece.

All sailings, ranging in length from four to eight days, include overnights. Night sailing is not an option on a Blue Cruise, so all sailing will take place during the day, with the nights docked in safe bays or marinas.

2016 will be the highest number of Blue Cruise sailings the company has offered in about a decade.

As of 2008 only certain gulets that complete all international requirements may sail to Greek islands from Turkey. If you are planning on visiting Greek islands during your charter with us please inform us at the time you place your request with us to ensure the right gulet and members of crew are appointed for your cruise.

We moved offices in spring of 2006. Our telephone and fax numbers remain the same, but all postal correspondence should now be sent to:

BlueGuide Team
Kemal Elgin Bulvari
Karacan Plaza
No. 54 Kat 1 D.19
48700, Turkey

We are delighted to announce that we now offer a 5% discount to all previous travellers with Blue Guide.

As many yachting companies cut back on food service, Blue Guide takes it up a notch.
Our chefs lend their creative talents and vast knowledge of Turkish cuisine. Their creations are simple and delicious, combining a focus on high-quality produce with carefully-defined flavors - perfect for our onboard service.
The menu will highlight the best of Turkish cuisine, allowing international travelers to get a taste of Turkey’s culinary style and culture the moment they set foot on our yachts.
Our goal will be to showcase the best tastes of Turkey and the Med, using only the freshest ingredients the country has to offer. Travelers are in for a real treat!

Our aim is to provide you with the best value holiday. Our bar price lists are available upon request anytime. Unlike other companies in yachting we provide reasonable prices for drinks on board. We also provide an option of booking 'all inclusive' in case you wish to include your drinks for the week.

We hope you enjoy Blue and make your decision to join the sailing paradise in Turkey on your next holiday!

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